About Us

Kalpaz Publications is an International, renowned Publisher since 2000.


The word Kalpaz has a significant meaning in the context of our ‘publication name’. Why we have decided to opt for this word that is not a debatable issue.The word has come to our mind in a form of ‘Divine Grace. Actual meaning of KalpazA deity who has born in heaven.

When an author approaches us to publish his or her book, we treat him in the same parameter, by publishing his or her book, we feel immensely delighted as it like we offer our prayers to theSupreme Being. Our publication (Kalpaz) has got off to its flying journey in the spectrum of the book publishing trade, close to the beginning of this Millennium. Since then, our publication has taken a giant leap in the book publishing industry. We have published the book in all subjects from art, culture, literature, history, thesis, politics, judiciary, geography and music etc. Since the last fourteen years, Kalpaz publications has published more than 1500 titles.

These books have touched all the spheres of human activities.We have got a team of an efficient and specialised people, who have great expertise in their respective fields.The moment, we get some inputs from anybody, our efficient team do not take much time to convert those inputs, given by the authors from all walks of life into a good and readable book.We used to distribute all type of books through the 200 outlets, opened in all parts of the country. Now, we are planning to give it a global touch by opening outlets in different continents.

We have set a unique platform keeping in mind the demand of the customers which gives us a good chance to reach every book lovers in every nook and corner of the country.When we get an order of any book, printed in India, we take no time to dispatch it to the desired destination through our highly-acclaimed network.There is no sepcialised field in our manual. We published all type of books from different walks of life.


www.kalpazpublications.com is not be responsible for typing or photographical mistake if any. Prices are subject to change without notice.