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Title Ecology Environment and Politics
Author Prof. C.B.S.R. Sharma
Binding Paperback
Pages 301
ISBN10, ISBN13 9386397714, 9789386397713
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Nature is known.. Ecology? Balances among Humans, Plants, Animals, Water, Soil, Atmosphere, and Energy? Therefore, Basics are here. If Violated, What Happens? What is in Store? Man never saw his Earth until 1969. But yet to realize, it is Fragile. Good Man wages a virtual war on bad men As the greatest Common Good Think Globally, Act Locally- Tanks, Coasts, Pesticides, Policies, Gender, and What Not Pestilence Stealeth in Darkness! Unseen Causes and Invisible effects, seen later Gene-based Diseases-Cancers, Birth Defects and Heritable Diseases. Why? Science turns sub-local and personal Therefore an iota of real Education And Early Literature on Nature


I studied and worked at BIirla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani;  Inndian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Universities at Berhampur, Madurai, Coimbatore, and Pondicherry. as a Post-doctoral Fellow, lecturer, reader and professor from 1964 to 2004.

I like teaching because it allowed me to read, write, reflect and transmit to others. I mostly taught Genetics, Economic Botany, Natural Resources, Environmental Toxicology, and Environmental Politics, among others. My instincts are related to Godavari, sea and islands in between, and the pristine ecosystem, where I was born and brought up. I have gradually evolved.

I became a Jack of many trades and master of one - thus, developing  familiarity with several branches of Biology and Environment, such as Plant Ecology, Cytogenetics, Floristics, Medicinal Plants, Pesticide Genotoxicity, Energy Plants, Ecosystem Genotoxins, Tanks, and Coasts.

My research papers, nearly 100 are published in India, USA, UK, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, HOLLAND, GERMANY, HUNGARY AND JAPAN and visited USA, UK, ITALY, HUNGARY, THAILAND and  MALAYSIA.

I developed deep interest in society and my popular articles, about 50+, appeared in Hindu, Indian Express, Down to Earth, University Today, Caravan, etc. 


Preface . 9

Acknowledgement . 13

1. Ecology and Resources Development and Environment . 17
2. Science and Art of Ecology . 27
3. Continuing Ecospasms the Perennial Concerns. 37
4. Ecological World Views on a Triaging World . 49
5. Globalization and the Indian Society One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward; Both Awkward . 77
6. Development on Ecological Bases . 89
7. Biodiversity: Perceptions and Proactions . 99
8. Chemicals Worse than Radiations . 107
9. Chemical Warfare. 111

10. Environmental Movements . 123
11. NGOs: Altruistic Organizations Voluntary Agencies are the only hope for ecological security and political stability . 147
12. Cataclysmic Kalki in India Ecological Degeneration is Harakiric to Indian Polity. 153
13. Feminisim in an Ecological Age . 161
14. Ecology and Foreign Policy . 179
15. Ecological Future of India. 191

16. The Kaveri Quagmire Guidance from Ecological Wisdoms . 201
17. Ecography of Coastal Tamilnadu . 205
18. Ecological Perils of the Sethusamudram Project . 215
19. Ecological Solutions for Telangana Ecosystem – Centric Development and Administration . 219
20. Ecological Revival of Tanks . 223
21. Resurrecting a Tradition . 235
22. Temples, Coasts, Tanks and Ecology Hybridize Them and Wait For the Harvest . 237
23. One Step Forward and Two Steps Backward . 243

24. Genetic Toxicology and Genepidemics . 249
25. Genotoxic Ill - Health from Pollutions . 257
26. Genetic Toxicology of Pesticides in Higher Plant Systems .273
27. Genetic Toxicology in India . 283
28. Urban Genetic Hazards . 289
29. Genepidemics, Genepandemics and Darwin An Ominous Possibility Emerging from a Reconsideration of Darwinism in its 150th Yar . 295

30. Phytomass for Energy. 301
31. Ramar Pillai’s Petroplants The Tragedy of Indian Science . 315
32. Botanical Pesticides . 321
33. Ecology Burns to Make Way for Energy. 331

34. Higher Education in Ecology and Environment With Special Reference to Natural Sciences. 339
35. Higher Education in Ecology and Environment With special reference to Social Sciences and History. 351

36. Forebodings of A Native American Chief “End of Living and the ‘Beginning of Survival . 369
37. Concens of the United Nations Taking a Stand . 377
38. Vintage Wisdoms: A Bibliography 1990 . 383
Index . 401

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