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Title Gorkha Identity in Multicultural Bengal
Author Rana Sonia Tez Bahadur
Year 2018
Binding Hardback
Pages 210
ISBN10, ISBN13 9386397870, 9789386397874
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The Title 'Gorkha Identity in Multicultural Bengal written/authored/edited by Rana Sonia Tez Bahadur', published in the year 2018. The ISBN 9789386397874 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 210 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. POD
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Multiculturalism comes across as a political rhetoric as there is an existence of a gap between its propagation and implementation. While the ongoing Gorkhaland Movement has been discussed and debated in the media as well as in academic forums, it has rarely been discussed within the purview of Multiculturalism. The distinctive feature of this book therefore lies in its attempt to study the said Movement within the framework of various perspectives on Multiculturalism. It studies the identity formation of the Gorkha ethnic community as a distinct ethnic group and their claims to the minority group rights in West Bengal. It analyses the hurdles on the way to directly applying western perspectives on Multiculturalism to accommodate cultural diversity related demands in West Bengal. The Multiculturalism perspectives that the book mainly deals with are of Will Kymlicka and to some extent that provided by Bikhu Parekh.


Dr. Rana Sonia Tez Bahadur is from Cachar district of Assam. She had her schooling in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. She is a Gold Medalist in MA Political Science and recipient of Santibala Devi Memorial Endowment Award, Assam University, 2007. She completed her PhD from Assam University in the year 2017. She is also UGC NET qualified. She taught political science in Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University), Agra from 2012-2017. She has published articles in leading journals of the country.


Acknowledgement . 13

Preface . 15

1. Multiculturalism and Identity Politics . 17
• The Idea and Principle of Multiculturalism • Distinction between Multiculturalism and Pluralism • Multicultural Model of the State: An Antithesis to the Homogeneous Nation State • Multicultural Panorama of Cultural Diversity • Nation State as a Source of Cultural Discrimination • Differentiated Citizenship: Path to Heterogeneous Public Culture • Special Rights for Minorities: Antidote to Cultural Discrimination • Identity: Meaning and Components • Distinction
between Person and Identity • Individual and Group Identity • Identity Politics • Multiculturalism and Identity Politics • Contemporary Challenges to Multiculturalism • Notes.

2. Identity Formation of the Gorkhas. 49
• Phase I-Birth of Gorkha Identity during British Colonial Period • Nepali Settlement in Darjeeling • Nepali Settlement in Assam • Nepali Settlement in Manipur • Nepali Settlement in Meghalaya • Nepali Settlement in Mizoram • Emergence of Nepali Lingua-franca in India • Assertion of Gorkha Identity and Formation of Gorkha Associations • Phase II – Emergence of Gorkha identity during the post- independence era • Language Demand and the Growth of Gorkha Identity • Contribution of Various Organisations in the Emergence of a Unified Nepali Identity • Anti- Foreigners Agitation and Resurgence of Gorkha Identity • Indo Nepal Treaty (1950) and the Issue of Gorkha Identity Crisis • Notes.

3. Gorkhaland Movement: Growth and Development . 77
• Hillmen Association • All India Gorkha League • Gorkha National Liberation Front • Three Fold Demand of GNLF • Activities of the GNLF • GNLF Response to the Proposal for Darjeeling Hill Council • Signing of Gorkha Hill Accord • Post-Accord Developments in Darjeeling • Proposal for Sixth Schedule Status for Darjeeling • Gorkha Janmukti Morcha • Aims and Objectives of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha • Organisational Structure of Gorkha Janmukti
Morcha • Activities of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha • Gorkha Territorial Administration • Notes.

4. State versus Ethnic Minorities: Union and State Governments response to Gorkhaland Movement . 111
• Darjeeling under the British Colonial Administration • Stance of Communist Party of India on Darjeeling During Early Post Independence Era • Governments Response to Gorkhaland Movement Led by GNLF • Gorkha Hill Accord • Governments Response to Gorkhaland Movement Led by GJMM • Powers of GTA • Stance of Trinamool Congress and BJP on Gorkhaland Movement • BJP: A new hope for GJMM and KPP • State and Multiculturalism • Autonomous Council • Symbolic recognition to Minority history • Conclusion • Notes.

5. Quest for Identity: A Multicultural Perspective of Gorkhaland Movement . 135
• Cultural Diversity in West Bengal • Instrumentalist Dimension of Multiculturalism in West Bengal • Immigrant Multiculturalism in West Bengal and Identity Politics • Vernacular Communitarianism and Ethnic Minorities in West Bengal • Identity Politics and Politics of Majoritarionism in West Bengal • Majority versus Minority • Multiculturalism and Issue of Internal Minorities • Akhil Bhartiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad and Gorkhaland Movement • Lepchas and
Gorkhaland Movement • Marwari Ethnic Community and Gorkhaland Movement • GJMM view on Internal Minorities • Kamtapur and Gorkhaland Movement • Multiculturalism in West Bengal: Prospects and Challenges • Notes.

6. Conclusion . 163

Select Bibliography . 169


I. Gorkhaland Territorial Administration Memorandum of Agreement . 175
• List of Subjects to be transferred to the GTA • List of Projects to be undertaken by the GTA to Develop the Physical and Social Infrastructure in the GTA area in order to Accelerate the Development of the Region.

II. Draft of the Letter Circulated to the Schools within Proposed Gorkhaland Area . 189

III. Letter from Bangla O Bangla Bhasha Bachao Committee to the Divisional Commissioner Jalpaiguri Division Requesting the Identification of Foreign Nepalese and Deletion of their Names from the Electoral Roll . 191

IV. An Appeal from Bangla O Bangla Bhasha Bachao Committee . 195

Index . 197


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