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Title Strategies for Human Development {1st Vol.}
Author Dr. Samar Deb
Year 2017
Binding Hardback
Pages 342
ISBN10, ISBN13 9386397153, 9789386397157
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The Title 'Strategies for Human Development {1st Vol.} written/authored/edited by Dr. Samar Deb', published in the year 2017. The ISBN 9789386397157 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 342 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Sociology / Human Development. Vol:- 1st. POD
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Strategies for Human Development  introduces various strategies to analyze  the process of development of human  beings in societal order of living, and  therefore, five Chapters have been  devoted to furnish a scientific view on  human developmental parameters on the  postulates of civic living as well as  existential freedom of living norms, to  eliminate the ills of mismanagement from  the present world order; so that human  fellow-feeling nature of understanding  and brotherhood principles of leading  modern societies of the world become  quite objective-oriented towards the  path of world peace and social tranquility.  Accordingly, science and technology, and  religious and philosophical foundations  of society have been narrated in sparkling  as well as vibrated manner, to enumerate  the principles of human existential order  of peaceful living with relativity aspects of  social development, to emulate the ideas  of human fraternity with paradigm shift in  nature for encountering problems of  social sufferings of deprived human  beings, in nurturing the concept of  universal brotherhood with scientific  explanations and solutions of the  problems by means of the given  strategies, in formulation of policies to  decision-making approach towards  binding people to the creative path of  dynamic social rolling in making pious  journey for universal world unity with  organizational integrative base of social  building foundation. As a whole, the  volume seeks to discuss at length, the  indepth concept of integral humanity to  encompass ideas of human existential  freedom and civic living norms with  strategic goal for initiating world peace, in  cementing human relationships through  coagulation of human developmental  postulates of living foundation for  encouraging human unity as well as social  integrity, in terms of scientific solution of  the problems of human deprivation and  marginalization in societal structure in  new dimensional innovative way. 


Dr. Samar Deb, M. Com., B. Ed., L. L. B., Ph. D., NET, at present an Associate Professor, has been teaching management since 1994 in the Department of Commerce, Gurucharan College, Silchar (Assam). He is the author of three famous books – (i) Contemporary Issues on Management (2001), (ii) Unified Thought on Management (2004), and (iii) Global Principles on Management (2014). During his long career, he came in touch with various resource persons and eminent social thinkers in interdisciplinary fields, while attending many conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., and also refresher and orientation courses, which altogether enables him to obtain vast knowledge and experience on organizational patterns and activities to write the volume – “Strategies for Human Development”. It is however, noteworthy to mention here that Dr. Deb had been working in different other organizations in various capacities before joining in the commerce faculty of Gurucharan College, and consequently broadened his understanding on the principles and practices of organizational working system, which has further enabled him to contribute for numerous types of research articles on various issues pertaining to management from time-to-time in research journals, newspapers and seminar programs.


Preface 9

1. Introduction to Human Development 13
• Understanding Human Development • Human Development for Global Change • Human Development in Making Environmental Sustainability • Strategic Nature of Human Development • Human Emancipation through Human Development Initiatives • Human Development for Social Balance • Creative Human Development Thought • Human Development in Nurturing Social Integrity • Objective Functions of Human Development • Methodology for Universal Human Development Approach • Notes and References.

2. Science and Technology for Human Development 97
• Global Development • Human Upgradation • Confidence Building Measures • Path-Goal Adjustment for Human Living Practices • Twenty-First Centuries – Human Excellence Millennium • Environmental Sustainability • Global Human Balance • Scientific Temper in Development Strategy Formulation • Sanatana Practices for Technological Development • Global Empowerment of People • Notes and References.

3. Religious Perspective for Human Development 229
• Confluence of Thought for Human Development – Religiosity for Humanity• Human Development and Religious Organizational  Common Responsibility • Religion for Human Growth • Religious Policy for Scientific Resource Match Technique • Application of Religion for Scientific Human Development • Religious Path for Global Human Excellence Building • Religious Mode of Organizational Work Behaviour • Human Empowerment through Religious Ideology • Religion as Scientific Temper for Global Sustainability • Religious
Mechanism for Global Peace • Notes and References.

Index 333





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