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Title Reading in Ecology and Environmental Science
Author Prof. Madhab Chandra Dash
Binding Hardback
Pages 319
ISBN10, ISBN13 9380223250, 9789380223254
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5.25*8.5 POD Environment education

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Readings in Ecology and Environmental Science:
· The book contains six chapters with 23 selected papers on contemporary ecological and environmental issues.
· Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 include nine papers dealing with Environmental Education, Ecosystem Analysis and Biodiversity, both above ground and below ground and their utility for mankind.
· Chapter 3 and 4 include eight papers dealing with food security, global warming and climate change issues with up to date knowledge, which are considered as biggest challenge to mankind.
· Chapter 5 and 6 include six papers on Environmental pollution issues, the greatest challenge for scientists and technologists to abate it, and on Scientific Temper, which is very important for inculcation in our society.
· This book will provide resource materials to college and university students in the disciplines of Environmental Science, Life Science, Botany, Zoology, Geography and Social Sciences and it will be refreshing for the general public to read the papers, written in popular science language.



Professor Madhab Chandra Dash (born 1939) received his higher education from Ravenshaw College, Utkal University, and University of Calgary, Canada. He taught ecology, quantitative ecology and biostatistics as a Professor from 1976 to 1999 in Life Sciences at Sambalpur University, Chairman, State Pollution Control Board, Odisha (1997-2001), Vice Chancellor, Sambalpur University,(2001-2004) and as a member of Environmental Appellate Authority of the Government of Odisha( 2005-2014).

Prof. Dash is an ecologist and Environmental Scientist, nationally and internationally known for his work on soil biology, Ecoenergetics, Sea Turtle conservation, Amphibian metamorphosis and in EIA and EMP.

He has written many  books including  'Fundamental of Ecology' for McGraw-Hill Company, New Delhi and two books; Charles Darwin's Plough: Tools for Vermitechnology' and 'Concepts of Environmental Management for Sustainable Development' for I.K International Publisher New Delhi and book chapters for Academic Press,New York, John-Wiley & Sons, New York, Cambridge University Press, UK,  and delivered the 4th centenary memorial lecture by invitation from National Institute of Ecology in honour of Late Prof.Ramdeo Misra in 2012.

Professor Dash is a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India and presided the Zoology, Entomology & Fisheries sectional proceedings of the 99th session of Indian Science Congress held at Anna University, Chennai.

For his work on various aspects of Ecological Sciences, he was honoured with 'Samanta Chandra Sekhar' award (1991) and 'senior scientist award (2006)'  by the Odisha Science (Bigyan) Academy. He was awarded Society of Geoscientists and Allied Technology's (SGAT) 'Excellence in research award' (2003). He was also awarded the   'Life Time Achievement awards' from SGAT, Orissa, Environmental Society (OES), and from Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)-Bhubaneswar Chapter.

He taught Ecology as a visiting professor at National Institute of Science Education & Research(NISER) at Bhubaneswar from 2012-2017.


Preface 5

Part I : Environmental Education

1. What is Environmental Education? 11

2. Ecosystem Analysis: Concept of Ecosystem and Ecosystem Diversity 27

Part II : Biodiversity

3. What is Biodiversity? 45

4. History of Sacred Groves and their Role in Maintaining Socio-Religious Unity and Ecosystem Conservation with Examples from Odisha, India 73

5. Soil Biodiversity and Earthworms 89

6. Earthworms in the Himalaya and Western Ghats Region of India: A Review 105

7. Bioresources as a Tool for Food Security and Sustainable Development for Rural Livelihood in India in The Context of Industrial Development and
Environmental Protection: An Overview 127

8. Conservation and Management of Natural Resources: An Overview 149

9. Wildlife Conservation: An Over View of Existing Laws for Their Protection 159

Part III : Food Security, Environment and Energy

10. Food Security is the Call of the Time 171

11. Environment, Energy, and Development from Stockholm to Copenhagen and Beyond the Celebrations 191

Part IV : Global Warming and Climate Change

12. Is there an Upper and Lower Limit for Carbon dioxide in the Atmosphere for Biodiversity to Function in the Context of Climate Change? 211

13. Impact of Climate Change on Natural and Man-made 223


14. Recent Trend in Climate Change – International and National Scenario from IPCC 235

15. Climate Change and Paris Deal: A Review 255

16. A Comparison of Industrial Green House Gas Emissions (GHG) and Carbon Sink Potential of Forest Vegetation in Orissa, in the Context of Climate Change 271

17. Carbon Sequestration and Role of Earthworms in Indian Land Uses: A Review 291

18. Load of Pollutants and Green House Gas (GHG) in the Atmosphere in India and the GHG Sink Factor 311

19. Environmental Pollution Control Laws applicable to Mining: An Overview 319

20. Industrial Impact On Skin And Respiratory System: A Case Study Of Health Hazards In Balasore, Orissa 343

21. Concept of Green Mining 355

Part VI : What is Scientific Temper?

22. Fostering Scientific Temper 371

Index 391

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