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Title Indian Education: Quo Vadis?
Author P.M. Kamath
Year 2018
Binding Hardback
Pages 376
ISBN10, ISBN13 938022320X, 9789380223209
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The Title 'Indian Education: Quo Vadis? written/authored/edited by P.M. Kamath', published in the year 2018. The ISBN 9789380223209 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 376 (Pages). The publisher of this title is GenNext Publication. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Education / Development. POD
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Book you are browsing, Indian Education: Quo Vadis? is a unique contribution to the important field of education. It consists of seventy nine articles penned by a well-known teacher, author, contributor and public speaker, Dr. P. M. Kamath at different times as a freelancer to express himself on developments in the entire gamut of education, whenever he felt that authorities are doing something wrong, or they need to do something in a different way or there is a reluctance on their part to take up an issue in the larger interest of citizens of India.

The book highlights his views on a variety of issues: Among others, on a need to reform Kindergarten education, define its purpose; need to strengthen primary sector as the base of its pyramidical structure by paying the teachers well and recruiting fully qualified persons, who enter the field for the love of teaching and not because they could not get any other job! He highlights prevalence of corrupt practices in the administration of education. He has taken up many issues relating to High School and Jr. College related problems. Since author was a Professor in Bombay University, has not hesitated to critically examine many practices which needed change, mostly under the UGC guidance.

He was in forefront of suggesting government making free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of 6 to 14; changing grading system while conducting the examinations to remove the blot of 'fail' from the academic career of a child! He is extremely critical of every minister rushing to reform education without involvement of experts. Every Education Minister in States and the Federal level have changed some aspects of education as often as they come and go making them modern day Mohammad Tughlaqs!

Book should be extremely useful to all those who intend to be teachers at any level of growing field of education; all bureaucrats who are per-force placed to handle education by the government of the day and general public who are the stakeholders in the future of generations of students to come within the field of education.


Dr. P. M. Kamath began his career as an educator by joining High Schools, teaching in Day as well as in Night between 1962 and 1964; thus acquiring four years of High school teaching experience in two years! In 1964-1965 he began his stint in higher education by teaching in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Arts, Science and Commerce in Mahad, only 164 km away from Mumbai City in a rural setting. Since 1965 to 1972 he taught in South Indian Education Society's (SIES) College of Arts and Science teaching undergraduate courses. While in SIES, in 1970 he was invited to teach PG classes in the evenings to employed students. He finally joined Bombay University, Department of Civics & Politics in 1972, where from he retired as Professor of Political Science in 1997. In between during 1989- 1990 he held the post of Director, College Development Council. He did these teaching jobs consciously despite having job offers in government and banks. He was the topper in his School in 1957 and stood second in the M.A. exam, in 1964.

However, since 1962, he has been associated with an educational trust established by Kannada speaking linguistic minority in Mumbai in various capacities and since 1986 has been its Hon. Secretary/Hon. General Secretary as well as chairman of the various educational institutions' governing bodies like School Committees and the Local Managing Committee and actively involved in academic policy decision making.

He has travelled widely to many countries some of them like Britain, France and Germany more than three times; He is a recipient of Fulbright predoctoral fellowship and was awarded Senior Fellowship of American Council of Learned Societies to study in the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University and the Georgetown University in Washington, DC, respectively. He taught a course in Florida International University, Miami. He has guided 18 students for their Ph. D., three M. Phil theses and one student for M. A. by research. He has widely lectured on chosen field of his research, teaching and on the various issues in the field of education. Additionally, he has published twenty-one books and contributed several research papers to various peer-reviewed national and international journals.


Preface. 9
Introduction. 13

1. Democracy and the Standard of Education. 41
2. Why Do Our Universities Lack Research Output?. 47
3. Teachers or Qualified Clerks?. 53
4. Unaided Schools Get Raw Deal. 59
5. Saving Education from Bureaucracy. 61
6. Decentralise Education. 65
7. Are Aryans Original Inhabitants of India?. 69
8. Another Indian History. 73
9. Corrupt Campuses. 77
10. Funding Progress. 81
11. Towards Breaking the Language Barrier. 85
12. Language Muddle. 89
13. In Defence of. 91
14. No Defence. 95
15. Harsh Realities. 99
16. Free For All. 101
17. Down with Groupism. 105
18. Black or White?. 109
19. Global Varsities must be Started. 113
20. Lost Cause. 117
21. Forgotten Ideal. 121
22. Spitter Spatter. 125
23. Paying Proposition. 129
24. Primary Need. 133
25. Easy-to-Get-Ph. Ds. 137
26. An Active Interaction. 141
27. Delink PhDs from Jobs. 143
28. The KG Rushhh. 147
29. Why the Neighbourhood Policy won’t Work?. 151
30. New Pre-Primary Admission Policy is Unworkable. 153
31. Examiners should be Men of Highest Integrity. 157
32. For Better Education. 161
33. Class Action. 165
34. Whose Failure is it?. 169
35. Graceless Gesture. 173
36. Government’s prescription of PTA’s approval for a fee hike irrational. 177
37. Internalise Post Graduate Examination System. 181
38. Fooling the Public. 187
39. Teachers as Contract Labourers. 191
40. Footpath Lawyers. 195
41. Modern Day Tughluqs. 199
42. Unaided English Schools Face Closure. 203
43. What Crime have they Committed?. 207
44. School V/s Classes. 211
45. Breathing Fresh Air into the System of School Education. 215
46. Is Collection of Donations Justified?. 219
47. Curbing School Donations under Rules. 223
48. Priya Tendulkar as a Prosecutor and Judge!. 227
49. Mess of Fees: Govt. must not Meddle with Unaided Schools. 231
50. New Fee Structure Discriminatory in Nature. 235
51. Opening up of Indian Education to Foreign Universities. 239
52. Primary Certificate Examination Scheme can only bring ruin. 243
53. How to Achieve the Purpose without Board Examination?. 247
54. American Studies Losing Importance in Mumbai University. 251
55. Case for Rotation of Department Headship in Mumbai University. 255
56. Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics. 259
57. Let Every School Decide which History Textbook to Follow. 263
58. Is Money Meant for Education Rightly Spent?. 267
59. Mumbai University Restoring the Lost Glory. 271
60. The World is Our Lecture Room. 279
61. Keep the Channels Open. 283
62. Schools: The Way Forward. 287
63. Need to Strengthen Research in Universities. 291
64. Government should not Harass Private School Managements. 297
65. Bidding for an M.Phil. 301
66. The Plight of Schools Told to Close Down. 305
67. Admission Chaos: Govt must allow more School, College Divisions. 309
68. Let’s Say Bus to This Nasty Problem. 313
69. Avoid tragedies: Provide School bussing for Kids. 315
70. BMC Needs to Learn a Thing or Two. 319
71. Some Pitfalls in Implementation of Right to Education. 323
72. Eradicate Fundamental Causes Behind Rising Fees. 327
73. Populism in Education Augurs ill for Quality. 331
74. Can We Chop off a Hand for Making a Mistake?. 335
75. Regional Media Schools in Mumbai as well as in the Nation do not have Good Time. 339
76. Service in Education is my Payback to Society. 343
77. Globalisation and International Schools. 347
78. A Report Card of the Modi Government. 351
79. Is there a Fundamental Right to Pass?. 357


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