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Title Ancient Olympic Games: Banned, Revived, Roaring
Author Agha Rizvi
Year 2017
Binding Paperback
Pages 175
ISBN10, ISBN13 9380223196, 9789380223193
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The Title 'Ancient Olympic Games: Banned, Revived, Roaring written/authored/edited by Agha Rizvi', published in the year 2017. The ISBN 9789380223193 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. This book has total of pp. 175 (Pages). The publisher of this title is GenNext Publication. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Sports / Olympic / History. POD
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This book portrays on a larger canvas the glories, trials and tribulations of the ancient Olympic Games. No other book has ever provided such a thorough documentation of that ancient heritage. 

The book opens with the chapter ‘The Legendary Origin of the Olympic Games’, which reaches back to pre-historic times. The Olympic ‘concept’ has been exhaustively traced drawing heavily from the authoritative versions of the Greek myths and original sources such as Homer’s ‘Iliad’ and ‘Odyssey’, historical writings of Herodatus and Hesiod, Pausania’s travelogues, Pindar’s Odes, to name but a few.

A separate chapter is devoted to Olympia, the site of the ancient Olympic Games, describing vividly the lay-out and the environs of the Altis, - the sacred precinct. The next chapter exclusively deals with the organisation, conduct and development of the Olympic Games in ancient times under the heading ‘Olympic Regimen in Ancient Times’. Deeds and achievements of some of the outstanding performers, viz., Polydamas, Theogenes, Euthymus, Flaucus, Milo, Pisidores, have been recalled in detail in the chapter captioned ‘Heroes of Ancient Olympics’ which should make a very interesting reading. 

When Greece came under the sway of the Romans, the Games, slowly, yet surely, lost the sanctity and reverence surrounding them and were ultimately banned by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I in 393 AD. The circumstances culminating into the suspension of the Games form the theme of the fifth chapter. Then follows the story of how the Games were revived in the Nineteenth Century by Baron de Coubertine after several earlier attempts had ended in failure. 

Even though the Games were revived in 1896, certain pulls and pressures coupled with indifferent handling of subsequent Olympics by the host countries, the future of the Olympic movement seemed to be far from secure. All such factors have been bunched under the caption: “The Teething Troubles”. Curiously enough, the marathon race, a glamour attraction and a prestigious event, played a significant role in laying a solid foundation for the Games. How this came to pass has been brought out in a separate chapter: “The Marathon Story”. 

Having surveyed the scenario thus far it was considered appropriate to devote an entire chapter to the fundamentals of the various track and field events and present some vital information about the Olympic set-up and organisation in the next two chapters. 

Then begins the cavalcade of Olympic Games with a separate chapter earmarked for each Olympics of the modern era, from the first in Athens in 1896 to the eleventh in Berlin in 1936 where the organisation and conduct of the Games was perfected and thus securing the future of the Olympic Games. The chapters recount the highlights of each Games, touching on the historical background and the pomp and pageantry in which they were held. Performances of all the participating countries have been highlighted at appropriate places and in proper perspective. 


Agha Hamid Rizvi (DOB 23 rd May, 1932) writes only Agha Rizvi in journalistic pursuits.
A post graduate from Allahabad University, is a retired Audit Officer of the Audit and Accounts Department. Also served as Research Officer with the Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities in India and as Administrative Officer in the DRDO-GOI Project, University of Allahabad.

Represented Uttar Pradesh in Ranji Trophy in mid-fifties and later became selector of UP cricket teams. Also represented state in Bridge in the Inter State Championships, for Ruia Trophy, in mid sixties.

Edited All India Sheesh Mahal Cricket Magazine for 36 years from 1967 to 2003. Was a correspondent of Mr Dicky Rutnagar's 'Indian Cricket Field Annual' in early sixties. Had been a regular contributor of feature articles in regional newspapers (Hitwada, The Leader, Northern India Patrika, and Search Light).
Has been delivering talks on All India Radio on sports since 1976.

Had all along been obsessed with the Olympic Movement and Olympic Games. The present work is a result thereof.
Sadly, the author expired on 24.02.2017 at the age of 85 years. The manuscript of his book is being communicated by his son Dr Syed Ibrahim Rizvi who is a Professor in University of Allahabad.


Synopsis.  7

Preface.  9

1 The Legendary Origin. 13

2 Scene at Olympia. 21

3 Olympic Regimen in Ancient Times. 27

4 Heroes of Ancient Olympics. 35

5 Games Suspended. 43

6 Games Revived. 47

7 The Teething Troubles. 51

8 The Marathon Story. 57

9 Some Basic Facts. 65

10 Awards and Ceremonies. 73

11 ATHENS 1896 – First Modern Olympics. 81

12 PARIS 1900 – Mockery of the Games. 87

13 ST LOUIS 1904 – Devoid of Foreign Challenge. 93

14 ATHENS 1906 (Unofficial) – The Intercalated Games. 99

15 LONDON 1908 – A Splendid Success. 105

16 STOCKHOLM 1912 – Well Organised Games. 111

17 ANTWERP 1920 – Emergence of Finns. 119

18 PARIS 1924 – Lost Honour Redeemed. 125

19 AMSTERDAM 1928 – Olympics of Nany ‘Firsts’. 131

20 LOS ANGELES 1932 – Records Shattering Games. 137

21 BERLIN 1936 – Perfection Attained 147

22 POST WORLD WAR II – Games Continue Roaring. 159

Index. 163





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