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Title Red Coctus
Author Mr. Alan Pert
Binding Paperback
Pages 285
ISBN10, ISBN13 9380223129, 9789380223124
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Anna Kingsford was born in England in 1846. She was an English woman of many accomplishments: mystic, doctor, women’s activist, vegetarian and writer. She was president of the London Lodge of the British Theosophy society in 1883 and formed the Hermetic Society in 1884. Her name appears in studies of the women movement in the second half of the ninetieth century in England. She has a prominent place in the history of vegetarianism and action against vivisection. She figures in medical history as among the pioneer women gained qualifications in the male profession. Despite suffering from asthama, Anna led a very busy life, lecturing widely on vegetarianism and against vivisection in addition to her medical practices. In November 1886. Anna received a drenching in a Paris downpour which triggered consumption. Travel to the Riviera and Italy did not improve her condition. In June 1887 She settled in London, and died there in February 1888.


Alan Pert has studied comparative religion and Hermetic philosophy for many years. He lives in Sydney. The author has managed an accurate biography of the amazing English woman Anna Kingsford (1846-1888). She accomplished much of lasting value in her life, tragically cut short by consumption (tuberculosis). In 1971, he graduated from the University of Sydney, Graduate Diploma in Librarianship from the Canberra College of Advanced Education in 1981. Since 1988 he has been a librarian at his alma mater.


Chronology of the Life of Anna Kingsford . 7

Acknowledgements . 9

Introduction . 11

  1. Early Years . 13


2. A Young Woman . 25

3. Marriage . 31 

4. Anna’s Own Paper . 43

5. Anna at Home . 51

6. Medical Studies . 61
7. Anna’s Mystical Illuminations . 75

8. New Friends and Medical Graduation . 83

9. Back in England . 89

10. A Public Figure . 99

11. President of the British Theosophical Society . 113

12. Controversy in Theosophy . 133

13. The Hermetic Society . 145

14. Multifarious Activities . 153

15. A Busy Life Takes Its Toll . 163

16. Dying is a Very Slow Process . 175

17. After Anna . 193

18. Maitland’s Biography of Anna in Question . 203

Appendix - 1
Some features of Anna’s character as revealed in her horoscope . 223

Appendix - 2
Some features of Maitland’s horoscope . 227

Appendix - 3
The fate of Eadith Kingsford . 229

Bibliography . 231

Index . 241


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