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Title Shades of Love (A Collection of Captivating Stories)
Author Vijay Mohan
Year 2016
Binding Paperback
Pages 311
ISBN10, ISBN13 938022284X, 9789380222844
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The Title 'Shades of Love (A Collection of Captivating Stories) written/authored/edited by Vijay Mohan', published in the year 2016. The ISBN 9789380222844 is assigned to the PaperBack version of this title. This book has total of pp. 311 (Pages). The publisher of this title is GenNext Publication. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is General / Novel / Fiction / Paperback.
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Shades of love…! The writer has presented a bouquet of short stories which is bound to enthrall his readers. His insatiable desire and passion to tell his stories often compelled him to continue writing till late at night. Some of his stories portray emotions like love, suspense, drama and some were inspired by true stories while others are imaginary. It was all due to his passion that he dreamt of plots like' Fourth Angle of a Triangle'. He is himself mystified as to how there could be a fourth angle of a triangle. But one has to read the book to find out this new angle. Once he misplaced his spectacles gave birth to the story of 'Pushpa and her Spects''A Crazy Heart' is the unsaid love story between a girl and a doctor and her 'Passion-'? '-----! He was from services; A Girl from Lahore (' The Beginning of an End') is an intense story of love between an Indian Army officer and a girl, Roshan Ara Sheikh from Lahore.' A Long Wait' is the eternal story of the long wait of the soldier's wife for his return from the battle field. Sofia: A girl from North-east' tells us how 'Sofia' with the help of Major Nagra thwarts the nefarious activities of a neighbouring country---! And then in,' The Blood Stains' Did 'Gul Sherkhan'a BSF commandant fulfill the promise he made with Diljeet Kaur…….? His story Ruby in Bell Bottom having a 36-26-36 figure--attends,' Prayer Meet' vs. 'Party Meet', A Satirical-Comedy, is a mirror of his personal views.


Vijay Mohan was born in Lyallpur (Pakistan).His father was a Police Officer and mother an Educationist. Had schooling in Pathankot, Simla and Gurdaspur.Was fond of reading and writing poetry and short stories. He was President of 'Bazm-E-Adib' (Urdu).He was' General Secretary' of the college union and. took part in Inter College drama competitions He played billiards & table tennis. He has given programmes on AIR Jalandhar, Jammu and Delhi as well as live programmes about'Reiki' on 'Sadhna' and 'Jain'TV channels. During Army and BSF service participated in 1965 &1971 wars. In golden years of his life, he keeps himself busy by writing poetry, short stories and dabbles in doing TV Commercial ads and acting in films.


Contents A Tribute 7 Homage 8 Acknowledgements 11 Foreword 13 Preface 15 1. A Girl from Lahore (The Beginning of an End) 21 2. The Blood Stains 41 3. The Story of a Crow and a Frog (Vansh Malhotra) 49 4. The Art of Handicraft (Vansh Malhotra) 51 5. Pushpa and Her Spects 53 6. The Other Side of the Hedge (Mini Story) 67 7. The Sinners 69 8. The Final Decision 79 9. A Smart Girl 87 10. Reshma—A Love Story 93 11. A Gentleman (Mini Story) 107 12. Beware of the Evildoers 109 13. The Last Flight 119 14. The Radish Leaves 129 15. From Heaven to the Earth 135 16. A Girl with a Dog 139 17. After Ten Years 157 18. A Clever Twist 163 19. The Test (Mini Story) 175 20. A Long Wait 177 21. The Beggar Woman (Mini Story) 187 22. A Spark of Fire 189 23. Delusion (Mini Story) 197 24. The Last Union 199 25. A Crazy Heart 215 26. The Search (Mini Story) 235 27. The Fourth Angle of a Triangle 237 28. Sofia: A Girl from North-east 259 29. Ruby in Bell Bottom 275 About Author (Newspaper Articles) 307

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