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Title Hadji Murad
Author Leo Tolstoy
Year 2017
Binding Hardback
Pages 121
ISBN10, ISBN13 9351285375, 9789351285373
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The Title 'Hadji Murad written/authored/edited by Leo Tolstoy', published in the year 2017. The ISBN 9789351285373 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 121 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Literature & Fiction / Action & Adventure / Classics. .POD
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Tolstoy created this story in reference   to the Caucasus Mountains during the   mid-nineteenth century in Russia.   During this time period, an imperial   conquest ensued between the   Chechen and the Russian military. The   Russian military had expectations to   expand upon their empire. In this book   he described the experiences of the   Caucasian and Russian struggle that   both he and Hadji Murad were caught   up in. Hadji Murad a successful and   famed separatist guerrilla who falls out   with his own commander and   eventually sides with the Russians in   hope of saving his family. Hadji Murad’s   family is being contained and   controlled by the Chechen leader who   abducted his mother, two wives and   five children. The story opens with Murad and two of his followers fleeing   from Shamil and find refuge at the   house of Sado, a loyal supporter of   Murad. The local people learn of his   presence and chase him out of the   village.  


Leo Tolstoy (September 9, 1928 –  November 20, 1910) born to an  aristocratic Russian family, he is best  known for the novels “War and Peace”  in 1869 and “Anna Karenina” in 1877,  often cited as pinnacles of realist  fiction. He first achieved literary  acclaim in his twenties with his semiautobiographical  trilogy, Childhood,  Boyhood and Youth (1852-1856) and  Sevastopol Sketches (1855), based  upon his experiences in the Crimean  war. Tolstoy’s fiction includes dozen of short stories and several novellas such as “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”; “Family  Happiness” and “Hadji Murad”. He also wrote play sand numerous  philosophical essays. His European trip in 1860-61 shaped both his political  and literary development when he met  Victor Hugo, whose literary talents  Tolstoy praised after reading Hugo’s  newly finished Les Miserables. He died of pneumonia at Astapovo train station, after a day’s rail journey south.   


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