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Title Doctors Scientists and Engineers of Ancient India
Author S. NARAIN, Forword by Prof. P. B. Sharma
Year 2017
Binding Hardback
Pages 222
ISBN10, ISBN13 9351282570, 9789351282570
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The Title 'Doctors Scientists and Engineers of Ancient India written/authored/edited by S. NARAIN, Forword by Prof. P. B. Sharma', published in the year 2017. The ISBN 9789351282570 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 222 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is History / India. POD
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The treasure of ancient India, if sincerely and honestly deciphered, shall not only help us to understand and appreciate the magnificent heights of scientific and technological advancement in ancient India but shall also provide the much needed impetus to take the modern age of Information Technology. The ancient India, a scientifically advanced, technologically sound, materially prosperous and above all a spiritually enlightened India. Advancement of human kind in all spheres of human endeavour which include art and architecture, town planning, development to human languages, musical nodes and compositions, literally writings, decimal system of counting, rapid computations using micro mathematical sutras, natural medicines, system of governance and above all.


Sh. S. Narain an Alumnus of IIT, Roorkee earlier known as university of Roorkee, has been the Registrar Board of Technical Education Govt. of Delhi. For more than 15 years with a rare distinction of having got sponsored into I.A.S. by Govt. of Delhi. He has also worked as officer on Special Duty, Delhi College of Engineering, Govt. of Delhi, a prestigious Engineering College for degree, post degree and doctorate level courses for several years.


Chapter 1 :
Modern Weddings v/s Grandeur and Gaiety. 1
Chapter 1 :
The Wonder that was India 1
• India the Land of many a firsts
• Technological advancement
• Advancement in Metallurgy
• Sculpture and Architecture
• Mathematics and Astrology
• University of Taxila
• Nalanda University
• Foreign invasions
Chapter 2 :
Growth and Development of Various
Sciences & Technology 13
• Development of Aryans civilization
• Fire Altars
• Growth of civil engineering and construction
engineering etc.
• Layout of Altars
Development of Various Sciences
Medical Science
• Origin& growth of Medical Science in Vedic
• During Ashoka's Reign
• Budhist  period
• System of Medical Education
• Award of License
Military Science
• Growth in Vedic period
• Progress in Epicperiod
• Military Schools
• Curriculum of Military Science
• System of Military Education
• Various kinds of weapons
Industrial Art and technology
• Industrial occupation
• Growth of Architecture around Yajnasl Altars
• Advancement during Maurya period
• Period of Ashoka
• Treatise of Architecture
• Growth during Vedic Period
• Medhatithi contribution
• Development of place value notation
• Development of numerals
• Brahmi numerals
• Guptanumerals
• Nagri numerals
• Origin during Vedic Period
• Garga's contribution
• Sixty four Kalas.
Chapter 3:
Ancient Scientists and Engineers 45
• Way of working of ancient Scientists
• Non-availability of Original Scripts
• Alterations made in the Original Scripts
• Versatility of ancient Scientists
• Scientists through various periods of ancient
• Vedic Period
• Later Vedic Period
• Mauryas, Nandas and Gupta Period
• Prejudiced attitude of European Historians
• Discovery of the glorified past of India
Chapter 4 :
Bhardwaja- A Rishi, A Poineer of Ancient Medicine 53
• Bhardwaja a vedic Rishi
• SevenVedic Rishies
• Bhardwaja - the father of ancient Medicine
• Symposium on Medical Plants
• Bhardwaja as Preceptor
• Bhardwaja Ashram - the biggest one
• Bhardwaja as a Scientist - Engineer
• Birth and age of Bhardwaja
Chapter 5 :
Dhanvantri - The God Physician 61
• Legend of birth of Dhanvantri
• Battle for Supremancy
• Dhanvantri - The God of Ayurveda
Chapter 6 :
Vishwamitra - A Rishi, A Founder of Engineering 65
• A vedic Rishi
• A founder of Engineering
• Evidence from the hymns of Rigveda
Chapter 7:
Garga - The Pioneer of Astrology 71
• Constellations in AncientIndia
• Enumeration of Constellations by Garga
• Age and birth of Garga
• Garga Samhita
• Age of Garga Samhita
Chapter 8:
Medhatithi - First to extend numerals 75
to billions
• Age and birth of Medhatithi
• Evidance of Rigvada and Yajur Veda
• Name of Numerals
• Development of place value notation system
Chapter 9 :
Lagdha - A Great Astronomer 81
• Period and Age of Lagdha
• Jyotisha Vedanga
• Lagdha's Astronomy
• Contents and Principles
• Yuga, Year and Thithi
Chapter 10:
Baudhayana - The First Great Geometer 85
• Development of Science of Geometry in
Ancient India
• Altars - the springing point of Geometry
• The age of Baudhayana
• Sulbha Sutra of Baudhayana
• Contents of Sulbha Sutra
• Geometrical operations in Sulbha Sutra
• Pythegorus theorem of Baudhayana
• Notable achievements in the science of Geometry
Chapter 11 :
Salihotra - The Father of Veterinary Science 93
• Veterinary Science in Ancient India
• Birth and age of Salihotra
• HyaAyurveda - an outstanding work of Saliohtra
Chapter 12 :
Kanada - A Great Atomic Scientist Philosopher 97
• Concept of Atom in Ancient India
• Kanada the first Atomic Philospher-Scientst.
• Birth and age of  Kanada
• The Vaisesika Sutras
• Antiquity of Vaiserika System of Kanada
Chapter 13 :
Susurta - The Father of Surgery 107
• Development of Surgery in Ancient India
• Birth and Identity of Susurta
• Age of Susurta Sanhita
• Achievements of Susurta
i) Surgery
it) Amputation and Abdominal operations
iii) Difficult surgical operations
iv) Instructions in Practical Surgery
and Anatomy
• Susruta as surgical instrument technologist
• Susurta - As teacher
• Medical Botany
• Susruta as Medical Metallurgist
Chapter 14 :
Nagarjuna: A Scholar, A Scientist, A Metallurgist 119
• Three Nagarjunas
• Works of Nagarjuna
• Contribution made by Nagarjuna
• Nagarjuna as Metallurgist and Alchemic
• Nagarjunaas Medical Scientist
Chapter 15:
Jivaka - The Most Distinguished Physician 129
• Birthandage of Jivaka
• Medical education at Takshilla
• Difficult cases cured
• Cases of Surgical Operation
• Lord Buddha cured without medicines
Chapter 16:
Charaka –An Ayurvedic Physician 135
• Birth andage of Charaka
• Charaka Sanhita
• Subject matter of Charaka Sanhita
• System of Medical Education
• Medical Oathby a Student
• . Licence of Practice for an Ayurvedic Physician
• Charaka's Anatomy and Physiology
• Three Ayurvedic Humour andtheir Functions
• Diagnosis
• Kinds of diseases and theircauses
• Generation and development of Foetus
• Charakas drugs
Chapter 17:
Patanjali - Founder of Science of Yoga 143
• Age and birth of Patanjali
• Aim of Yoga
• Stages of Yoga
• Theory of Yoga
• Kundaline and its awakening
• Powers of Yoga
Chapter 18 :
Kapila - Promulgator of Sankhya System 151
• Identity of Kapila
• Origin of Sankhya
• Origin of Sankhya Philosophy
• Stages of Creation
• Comparison with Modern Theories
Chapter 19 :
Varamihra - Newton of Gupta Age 157
• Birth and age of Varamihra
• Works of Vararnihra
• Paneha Sidhantika - the Most Outstanding Work
• Five systems ofAstronomy
• Pitamaha Sidhanta
• Revolving of Earth
• Varamihra as an Agronomist
• Diseases of Trees
Chapter 20 :
Arya Bhata - founder of Algebra 165
• Birth and age of Arya Bhatta
• Two Arya Bhattas
• Arya Bhattiya - a famous treatise
• Contribution of Arya Bhatta
i) Foundation of Algebralaid
- Quadratic Equations
- Linear Equations
it) Geometryand Trigonometry
iiI) Notation of Numbers
iv) Astronomy
Chapter 21 :
Brahamgupta - A Great Mathematician 175
• Birth and age of Brahamgupta
• Works of Brahamgupta
• Sphuta Sidhatha, Karan Khanda Khadyaka
• Contributions of Brahmagupta in algebra
• Geometry
• Scienceand Astronomy
• Orthodox views of Brahma Gupta
• Popularity of Brahmagupta
• Concept of Zero- Most outstanding Achievement
Chapter 22 :
Bhaskara - the Great Algebraist and Astronomer 181
• Birth and age of Bhaskara
• Work of Bhaskara
i) Siddhanta- Shiromani
it) The Marana- Kutuhala
• Siddhanta- Shiromani Part-II
• Unknown quantity
• Bhaskara's Astronomy
• Popularity of Bhaskara's Treatises
• Conception of Zero
Chapter 23 :
Vagbhata - A Great Physician 187
• Identity of Vagbhata
• Birth and Place of Vagbhata
• Works of Vagbhata
• Ashtanga Sangrah
• Ashtanga Hrudaya Samhita
Chapter 24 :
Bhoja - A Great Ship Design Engineer 193
• Shipping in Ancient India
• Historical Evidences
• Kind of Vessels accordingto Yukti Kalpa: o Samanya
iI) Visesha
iiI) Dirgha
iv) Unnata
Bibliography 199





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