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Title Globalisation: the Missing Roads of Tribal
Author Vijay P. Sharma, Pradip K. Bhowmick, Palash Chandra Coomar
Year 2016
Binding Hardback
Pages 388
ISBN10, ISBN13 9351281868, 9789351281863
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The Title 'Globalisation: the Missing Roads of Tribal written/authored/edited by Vijay P. Sharma, Pradip K. Bhowmick, Palash Chandra Coomar', published in the year 2016. The ISBN 9789351281863 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 388 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Political Science / Sociology / Economics.
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The book Globalization: The Missing Roads of Tribal's is an outcome of sincere efforts of the author who has taken keen pain to edit twenty eight articles of descriptive, explanatory, exploratory, analytical and theoretical nature written by scholars of national and international repute. The volume is an outcome of selected papers presented in the International Seminar on “Globalization and Tribal” by learned speakers. The articles in this volume are based on empirical and secondary sources that contain discussions and deals with views on globalization and presents wide ranging knowledge about globalization and its impact on Tribes. Readers will enjoy many more interesting ideas emerging from the articles in this volume. This book will be beneficial to Anthropologists, Economists, Sociologists, Social Workers and Administrators.


Dr. Vijay. P. Sharma is currently Adjunct Faculty at National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, India. Dr. Sharma organized and chaired Academic sessions in several national and international Conferences in Anthropology.Dr. Sharma holds M. Sc degree in Anthropology earned from Ranchi University in 1975. Doctorate (Ph. D) was earned from Ranchi University in 1984. From 1986 to 1997 he taught Post graduate and M. Phil courses in Anthropology of Ranchi University and GG University.

Dr. Pradip K. Bhowmick is currently Associate Professor, Rural Development Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He published several articles on various issues related to tribal and rural development in reputed journals.Dr. Bhowmick did his M.A in Rural development from S.V. University, Ph. D from IIT, Kharagpur in the year1988 and D.Litt from Ranchi University in 1998. He has organized several national and international seminars and conferences on tribal and rural issues.

Dr. Palas C. Coomar is Director, Census of India, and Government of India.


Contributors . 7 Preface . 9 1. Globalisation and Inclusive Development: Status of Tribal Communities in Odisha . 19 Nilakantha Panigrahi 2. Globalising Perspectives of Tribal Life: A Sociological Understanding . 43 Sayan Dutta and Dr. Kaushik Chattopadhyay 3. Effects of Globalisation on the Ethnomedicinal Practices of Lepchas in the Darjeeling Himalaya . 49 Suman Kalyan Samanta 4. Modernisation Blooms New Fragnance in Santal Culture . 59 Sujit Kumar Paul and Anindita Gupta 5. Challenges of Resettlement of Displaced Tribal Population: A Study of Kaptai Dam. 77 Dr. K. M. Rezaul Karim, Dr. Selina Ahmed 6. The Continuing Conflict: Critical Transition to Peace in the Post-Conflict Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh . 87 Ala Uddin 7. The Impact of Globalisation on Industrialisation process in Tribal areas with special reference to Mising tribe of Dhemaji district in Assam . 109 Juganando Medok and Mantu Hazarika 8. Impact of Globalisation on Tribal Life and Culture . 115 Swapan Kumar Kolay 9. Impact of Globalisation on Tribal Education in India: Challenges and Opportunities . 149 Milan Kr. Shee and Dr. B. Sarkar 10. Welcome to the Unknown Destination . 159 Biva Samadder 11. Microfinance to Livelihood Finance: Women as Agents of Change in Tribal Scenario . 171 Dr. Barnali Maity 12. Tradition and Transition: A Study of Jaunsari Tribe of Uttrakhand . 189 Vandana Kumari 13. Tribal’s Resistance in India: Perspective of Globalisation . 197 Amlan Kumar Guha Thakurta 14. Status of Sanitation Among the Saber in Jwalkata Village of Gurabanda Block, (Jharkhand) . 201 Abhishek Chauhan 15. Approaches for Tribal Development in the process of Globalisation . 209 Dr. Debashis Debnath 16. Anthropology, The Tribe and the Nation – State: The Indian Experience (Professor P.K. Bhomick Memorial Lecture) . 223 Dr H.K. Bhat 17. Cultural configuration and change: a study on the Ho tribe of Jharkhand (Sarita Bhowmick Memorial Lecture) . 241 Dr. Subhrendu Maiti 18. Impact of Western Culture on Santals: A Case Study on Cultural Adoption Among the Tribal Girls of Birbhum District, West Bengal . 255 Debasis Mondal and Debotri Chakraborti 19. The Kharia Identity: Study of Forest Ecology and Economy of Indian Tribe . 265 Srikrishna Mondal 20. Search for Theoretical Model to Measure Displacement: Anthropological Reflections . 283 Ch. Syam Kumar 21. Significance of Traditional Community Festivals of the Santal in Maintenance of Ecological Balance to reduce effect of Global warming . 299 Sudip Bhui and Pradip Kumar Mandal 22. Rites of Passage among the Totos of Bengal, India: Tradition and Transformation . 309 Md. Intekhab Hossain and Syed Abul Hafiz Moinuddin 23. Socio-economic Transformation of Tribals: A Study on the Impact of Outside Intervention Among Santals . 319 Dr Sujit Kumar Paul and Anindya Mitra 24. Living of the Baiga in the forest villages of the Baiga Chak: An anthropological insight on Forest Policy and Baiga rights over the forest resources . 327 Ashok Pandey 25. Ethno- medical practices among the Lodhas of Keshiary block of Paschim Medinipur district: Issues and Challanges . 333 Arup Bera 26. Development of Tribal Economy and Role of Adivasi Women: A Case Study . 343 Swarup Kumar Jana 27. Tribal Migrant Settlers of Jharkhand in Hassimara of North Bengal: Impact of Tea Industry . 353 Shailendra Prasad Sinha 28. Impact of Globalisation on Tribal Communities in Jharkhand . 359 Prabhat K. Singh Recommendations . 375 Index . 379

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