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Title Childhood Realities : Working and Abused Children
Author Vinod Chandra
Year 2016
Binding Hardback
Pages 286
ISBN10, ISBN13 935128185X, 9789351281856
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The Title 'Childhood Realities : Working and Abused Children written/authored/edited by Vinod Chandra', published in the year 2016. The ISBN 9789351281856 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 286 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Children Studies / Human Rights.
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According to 2011 Census of India, out of 1.21 billion people in India 472 million population is below 1 8 years . The Government of India's Study on Child Abuse 2007, reveals that alarming number of children are being abused and neglected in India due to various reasons. Two out of three children are physically abused, sixty five percent of school going children experiences come fo rm o f co r p o ra l punishment, more than half children have reported some or other form of sexual abuse and majority of children have informed their emotional abuse even in their family circumstances. This harsh reality of Indian children's childhood is an eye-opener for everyone. The present book is an attempt by sociologists, economists, psychologists, childhood researchers and child right activists to highlight the hard realities and told stories of major forms of child abuse and exploitation. The complete debate in the book is largely divided into two areas. The first focus is on working children and the authors have offered conclusive evidences of working children's lives, working children's plight in organized sector, difficult circumstances of children in HIV/AIDS affected families and children's contribution in tribal domestic economy. The second focus of the book is on the darker sides of sexually and emotionally abused children, which has been quite often overlooked in the academic debates in India. The book is an exploration of children's victimization in the social and family space. At a time of increasing awareness of child abuse and neglect in India, this collection gives us a moving scenario of the diverse form of childhood reality and the intensity of the plight of abused children in India. It also provides its readers with the necessary evidences to understand the practical and theoretical frameworks for discussing the realities of childhood of working and abused children.


Dr Vinod Chandra is Associate Professor of Sociology in J N Post Graduate College of Lucknow University, Lucknow. Dr Chandra is an established childhood researcher with a long-standing specialization in the study of child labour, child abuse and neglect. He has a strong interest in the study of children's experience of education, work, labour and leisure. Dr Chandra has obtained his doctoral degree from Warwick University, UK as Commonwealth Scholar and has served Research Committee of Sociology of Childhood , International Sociology Association as secretary during 2010-2014. His field experience in the study of child abuse has been multiplied because of his official involvement in the Child Welfare Committee, Lucknow as its Member since 2010.


Preface 7 The Contributors 9 Working Children’s Childhood 1. Child Labour, Culture and Globalisation: 15 A Developmental Perspective –Vinod Chandra and Mahaveer Jain 2. Household Characteristics: A Breeding Conduit to Child Labour 37 –Atluri Satyanarayana and Vanita Somvanshi 3. Plight of Child Labour in Uttar Pradesh: A Preliminary Investigation 69 –B.N. Prasad 4. Childhood under Threat: Situational Analysis of Children at work in HIV/AIDS affected Families 93 –Helen R. Sekar 5. Children’s Role in Household Livelihood in a Forest Based Tribal Community 123 –Rajiv Pandey and Vinod Chandra 6. Genesis of ‘Nowhere’ Children: A Study of Rural Households in North Bengal 137 –Sudip Chakraborty Darker Side of Abused Children 7. Attitudes towards and Perceptions of Child 159 Sexual Abuse in Indian Culture –Simrit Kaur 8. Children as Victims of Family Violence in India 173 –Aparajita Chowdhury and Reeta Choudhury 9. Gruesome Faces of Child Abuse: A Problem 207 of Socio-psychological Concern –Tushar Singh and Shivali Sharma 10. Growing Violence Among Kids 235 –Vishesh Kumar Gupta 11. Unmasking the Mask: Childhood Realities of 243 Victims of Child Abuse –Sangeeta Sharma and Anshumali Sharma 12. Influence of Sexism on Children in 259 Elementary Education –Divya Pande Index 277

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