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Title Islam Discourages Polygamy and Divorce : A Reality, Not A Myth
Author Khwaja Abdul Muntaqim
Year 2016
Binding Hardback
Pages 150
ISBN10, ISBN13 9351281744, 9789351281740
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The Title 'Islam Discourages Polygamy and Divorce : A Reality, Not A Myth written/authored/edited by Khwaja Abdul Muntaqim', published in the year 2016. The ISBN 9789351281740 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 150 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Women Studies.
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The title of the book ''Islam Discourages Polygamy and Divorce-A Reality, Not a Myth’' is self-explanatory. It is generally believed that Muslims are a polygamous community and Islam grants unfettered liberty for practicing polygamy. Fact of the matter is that prior to the manifestation of Islam, ancient Arabs as also Non-Arabs professing different religions could have as many wives as they liked. Thus Islamic injunction was really a restrictive measure. The right to have four wives granted by Islam is subject to the rider that if a person has more than one wife it is obligatory for him to treat each one equally. An absolute justice in matters like feelings of love, emotions and affection is impracticable. Many a Muslim country, keeping in view the Quranic injunction, have codified the personal law wherein the practice of polygamy has been either totally prohibited or severely restricted.


The author is a Delhi based Human Rights Counsel, Scholar and Writer. He is a Member of the International Society for Human Rights and Panel for Legal Studies, Ministry of Human Resource Development (NCPUL). He has been a Visiting Professor in Amity University Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and Additional Legislative Counsel to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Law and Director, NCRLM, Ministry of Minority Affairs. He has also been a Member of Human Rights Education for Teaching Professionals Review Committee, NHRC. He is the author of more than a dozen books on Human Rights issues including some globally recognized books-Protection of Human Rights (National and International Perspectives) with a foreword by Hon'ble The Chief Justice of India, Hindu Muslim Unity and Love for India and Islam's Big 'No' to Terrorism. He has participated in various International Seminars and Conventions on law and religion.


Preface . 7 1. Status of Women in Islam . 13 2. The Concept of Marriage in Islam . 25 3. The Concept of Divorce in Islam . 53 4. Status of Widow in Islam . 59 5. Interpretation of the Holy Quran, Ahadis and Ancient Texts . 61 6. Muslim Women’s Right of Inheritance . 71 7. Adoption of Male/Female Child . 83 8. Islam Discourages Polygamy and Divorce . 87 9. Attributes of an ideal husband as per religious, secular and ethical parameters . 103 Appendix 1 Terminology of Muslim Law . 109 Appendix 2 Marriage Sermon (Khutbah) . 121 Appendix 3 The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 . 123 Appendix 4 The Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937 . 127 Appendix 5 The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986 . 131 List of Books Referred and Consulted . 137 Index . 141

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