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Title Thoughts On Higher Education
Author A.S.Rao, P.Tauro
Year 2015
Binding Hardback
Pages 145
ISBN10, ISBN13 9351281078, 9789351281078
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About the Book, This book is a collection of thoughts expressed by the authors from time to time in the past. on our higher education's system and related matters. The articles bring out the various problems that mire our educational system. The problems are of long standing nature and attempt to correct and bring about improvement through various committees and commissions have met with little success. The system needs overhaul from the top but unfortunately, this has not been possible. Selection of persons to different posts is mired with corruption and political interference. The book highlights some of these aspects in its various articles. The book should be of interest to both administrators and academics involved in higher education .About the Author, Professor A.S.Rao, born in 1951, has a PhD in Biochemistry from the Haryana Agricultural University and served the same university as Assistant Professor. Joined Bharathidasan University in 1989 as Associate professor and subsequently elevated to become Professor & Head of the Department of Biotechnology. Further served as Syndicate member of the university and chair School of Life sciences. Research 9 interests: Metabolic regulation, Theoretical biology and science policy. Countries visited ; Switzerland, U.K , France, Italy, Germany and Netherlands Presently serving as Honorary professor in the Department of Biotechnology & Genetic engineering, Bharathidasan University. Professor P. Tauro, born in 1935, has a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Wisconsin, USA and has served as the Head of the department of Microbiology in the college of Basic sciences, Dean Post graduate Studies and Professor of Eminence in Microbiology of Haryana Agricultural University .He is currently the Managing partner of Mangalore Biotech Lab at Mangalore. He is also associated with local colleges in helping them in their academic activities. His research interests have been in the areas of Fermentations, alternate fuels and fertilizers.Content, Foreword 9 Acknowledgements 11 Introduction 13 A. Indian Universities, UGC, NKC, RUSA 1. An Ambience to Perform Well 19 A.S. Rao 2. Why No Indian University in World’s Top 200? 21 A.S. Rao and P. Tauro 3. What should be the Differences between a College, University and a Research Institute? 25 A.S. Rao 4. Latest UGC Regulations: Dissected 27 A.S. Rao and P. Tauro 5. UGC Model Curriculum: Some Suggestions for the Next Edition 43 A.S. Rao 6. Additional Recommendations to the UGC Task Force for Basic Scientific Research in Universities 45 A.S. Rao 7. NKC Recommendations 2007 – Are they Really Going to Change the Scenario? 47 A.S. Rao 8. Some Comments on RUSA (Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan) 51 Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF ( 6 Thoughts on Higher Education in India A.S. Rao 9. Some Comments on the Inclusive and Qualitative Expansion in Higher Education during 12th Five Year Plan 59 A.S. Rao 10. Suggestions for the Improvement of Parliamentary Bills on Education 67 A.S. Rao B. About Indian Science 11. What is wrong with Indian Science? A Bouquet of Opinions by Eminent Scientists from all over the Country. To What Extent we are Different Today? 77 A.S. Rao 12. Need for Useful Institutes rather than World Class Institutes, What else the three science academies could have deliberated? 85 A.S. Rao 13. What else the Three Science Academies could have Deliberated? 87 A.S. Rao 14. Indian Science Congress—Time for Reflection 91 P. Tauro and A.S. Rao C. About University Vice Chancellors 15. Appointment of VCs and Politicisation of Academics 95 A.S. Rao 16. In Defence of the Vice Chancellors 99 A.S. Rao 17. Feedback on the Proceedings of the Vice- Chancellors of Central and State Universities 101 A.S. Rao D. Miscellaneous 18. Are we not Solicited and/or Contributing in Life Sciences? 109 Print to PDF without this message by purchasing nova PDF ( A.S. Rao 19. Some Negative Aspects of Our Universities 111 A.S. Rao 20. Ethics and Plagiarism 113 A.S. Rao 21. Sydney Altman’s Didactic Remarks 119 A.S. Rao 22. Need for Excellent Institutes, Multi-disciplinary Ph.Ds and Useful Discoveries in India 117 A.S. Rao 23. Why not Emeritus Fellowships Exclusively for Teaching? 121 A.S. Rao 24. Some Suggestions to the Funding Agencies 123 A.S. Rao 25. Clinical Trials in India 125 A.S. Rao 26. Accommodate Waitlisted Candidates from NET Exams 127 A.S. Rao 27. Biotechnology: What’s in a Name 129 A.S. Rao 28. When do we Learn to Properly Advertise a Post? 133 A.S. Rao Index 137 Contents
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