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Title Parmanu Politics: Indian Political Parties and Nuclear Weapons
Author Dr. Sitakanta Mishra
Year 2015
Binding Hard Bound
Pages 326
ISBN10, ISBN13 9351280934, 9789351280934
Short Description
About the book:-, This study, focusing on the nuclear-politics interface, examines which political party should be given credit, and how much in shaping India's nuclear weapons policy. Taking into account the views of the Congress, BJP and CPI {M), the study concludes that there is no single mother of India's nuclear bomb. In the process, it approves the assumption t hat national political leadership, not the political parties, is paramount in India's nuclear weapons decision making. Furthermore, nuclear policy does not change with the change of government, and changes despite the same party forms the government again. The study highlights how the issue of nuclear weapon has an awesome appearance on the Indian political scene during the last six-decade. Thematically, the book attempts to identify the trends in the policies of the three parties, especially on the role of nuclear weapons in national security, domestic politics, and non-proliferation regime to speculate on the contours of India's future nuclear weapons policy., ABOUT THE AUTHOR:- Dr. Sitakanta Mishra is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi, and the Associate Editor of Indian Foreign Affairs Journal (New Delhi), published by Association of Indian Diplomats, Sapru House. Dr, Mishra has also worked with the Indian Pugwash Society, New Delhi, From September-December 2013, he wasa Visiting Research Fellow at the Cooperative Monitoring Centre of Sandia National Laboratories (USA), and from April-August 2014 a Visiting Scholar with the US Civilian Research Development Foundation (CRDF). Dr. Mishra received his Ph.D. in South Asian Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi in 2011. He also hold san M.Phil. degree from JNU and Master degree in International Politics from Utkal University. He has authored the book Cruise Missiles: Evolution, Proliferation and Future (2011) and the monograph The Challenge of Nuclear Terror(2008 ).To his credit, Dr. Mishra has many national and international research papers related to South Asian affairs, nuclear energy, nuclear safety-security, missiles, and India 's defense and foreign policy, and also involved in lndo-Pak track -two dialogue., CONTENTS:- Preface 07 Acronyms 15 SECTION-A: The Context 1: A Conceptual Construct 19 2: The Political-Nuclear Interface 48 3: Doctrine, Decision Making and Domestic Politics 73 SECTION-B: The National Security Factor 4: Regional Security Factor: Congress Views 93 5: Regional Security Factor: Views of CPI(M) and BJP 142 6: Extra-Regional Powers and National Security: Views of the Three Parties 161 SECTION-C: Regime Obligation 7: Non-proliferation and Disarmament: Stands of the Three Parties 195 Conclusion 8: All Party to the Gate Crash 247 Appendix 270 Bibliography 278 Index
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